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The SKLZ Golf Home Practice Guide

Golf Practice Obsession

Building Your Home Range: Full Swing

Building Your Home Range: Chipping

Building Your Home Range: Putting

Golf Swing Setup: Grip

Swing Setup: Posture

Swing Setup: Axis Tilt

Golf Swing Setup: Ball Position

Golf Swing Setup: Alignment

Swing Mechanics: Takeaway

Golf Swing Mechanics: Backswing

Swing Mechanics: Transition

Swing Mechanics: Impact

Swing Mechanics: Post-Impact & Release

Golf Swing Mechanics: Finish

Swing Mechanics: Step Drill For Power

Swing Mechanics: Proper Path For Accuracy

Golf Swing Mechanics: Mini-Swing

Swing Mechanics: Shaping Your Shot

Swing Mechanics: Shaping Your Shot - Advanced

Golf Swing Mechanics: Trajectory

Chipping: Setup

Chipping: Proper Execution

Chipping: Chipping With Breaks

Pitch Shots

Golf Flop Shots

Putting: Setup - Posture & Stability

Putting: Setup - Grip & Alignment

Putting: The Right Path

Putting: Finding The Right Line

Putting: Dialing In Your Distances

Golf Putting: Speed & Acceleration