Athletic Intelligence

SKLZ Athletic Intelligence is designed to help athletes engage their brain and body during training to work together to perceive what’s happening around them, process the incoming information, and perform the task at hand to better manage the chaos within sports. We have developed a variety of training drills centered around this process to help athletes take their training to the next level. See below for videos and instructions on specific drills.


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Waiting Call and Catch Drill

Inner Ring Jump And Go Drill

Call and Catch Drill

Ladder to Acceleration Drill

Triad Ladder Sprint Drill

Reactive Lateral Ladder Drill

Reactive Agility To Acceleration Drill

Non-Predictable Route Drill

Linear Ladder Drill

Predictable Route Drill

Call and Catch Hitter Specific Drill

Dribble And Catch Drill

Dynamic Cue and Catch Drill

Inner Ring Step Drill

Reactive Agility Ladder - Outer Ring Run and Go

Athletic Intelligence

Reactive Agility Ladder Intro

Reactive Catch Intro