Star-Kick Elite

Premium Solo Soccer Trainer


  • Star-Kick Elite (Size 5),
  • Star-Kick Elite (Size 5),
  • Star-Kick Elite (Size 5),


Star-Kick Elite

Premium Solo Soccer Trainer



  • The must-have, premium solo soccer trainer, Star-Kick Elite returns the ball with true rolls and bounces to help players build passing, receiving and shooting skills.

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Star-Kick Elite

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Star-Kick Elite stops the chase and gives your players the max touches they need. With a design that creates true rolls and bounces, this solo soccer trainer helps players build the muscle memory involved in better passing, receiving and shooting. Use in practices, drills or at home.

  • Build touch with true rolls and bounces, without the chase
  • Maximize touches and training time for more results
  • High-quality cord that stretches up to 18’
  • High-quality ball included
  • Premium waistband with slide feature
  • Max touches, no time wasted

    Get more out of your soccer training time with the must-have trainer that gives your players the maximum touches they need to build their shooting, passing, receiving, throw-in and even goalkeeping skills—and eliminates ball chasing and balls flying all over the field.

  • True bounce, roll and results

    The Star-Kick Elite’s unique ball cradle is designed to return the ball with true rolls and bounces, giving players the game-like action they need to build the muscle memory and confidence needed for better play.

  • Use at home, during practices or for pre-game warmup

    Built to fit in your soccer bag, Star-Kick Elite is like having a personal passing, receiving and goalkeeping coach in your bag. It’s the must-have training tool for juniors, high school players, college teams and anyone who’s serious about building his or her skills.

Star-Kick: Passing Technique Soccer Drill"

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