Solo Assist

Basketball Rebounder


Solo Assist

Basketball Rebounder



  • With its sturdy yet portable design, the Solo Assist teaches players to set their feet by providing true, game-like passes while they are on the move.

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Solo Assist

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The Solo Assist’s advanced, lightweight construction and true-pass design allows for game-like catch-and-shoot training. Unlike other rebounders, it trains players to catch the ball on the move, set their feet and square up properly before shooting.

  • Trains players to set their feet, square up and shoot the ball off a true pass
  • Designed for hardwood, outdoor courts and driveways
  • Perfect for individual practice or team drills
  • Portable and folds flat for easy storage
  • Get Square

    With it’s unique design that won’t tip or wobble and court-gripping silicon feet, the Solo Assist provides the true, game-like passes players need to catch the ball on the move, set their feet and square up properly for better shooting.

  • Court to Court

    Designed for use on hardwood, outdoor courts and driveways, the Solo Assist works on any surface and is the must-have coaching tool for players who are serious about developing crucial catch-and-shoot skills.

  • Easy and Hard

    Built to last season after season, the Solo Assist combines highly durable construction with easy-to-use design. The unit folds down for simple storage and is portable enough to put in your trunk and take to practice.

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