Strike and Pass Trainer



Strike and Pass Trainer



  • With its unique design and highly durable elastic cord, the Kickback lets players get the reps they need, without retrieving the ball.

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They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. Good thing the Kickback is built with a highly durable elastic cord so players can get all the crucial reps they need without having to chase down the misses.

  • Practice free kicks, corner kicks and penalty kicks without chasing the ball
  • Build muscle memory for shooting to different goal zones through repetition
  • Multiple cord lengths for a variety of training drills
  • Works on both grass and turf
  • Official size 5 ball
  • Proper technique keeps coming back

    With the Kickback, you don’t need to chase balls as makes and misses both come back. With its match-quality ball and adjustable cord lengths, the Kickback helps you build proper technique through efficient repetition.

  • Go to great lengths

    With its patented design, the Kickback offers multiple cord lengths for solo penalty and free kick training. The cord is also extremely durable and built to last for multiple seasons.

  • Get your kicks anywhere

    The Kickback is designed to work on grass and turf. In fact, use it virtually anywhere to add accuracy and new levels of touch to your passing and shooting.

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