• Travelle Gaines

    Gaines is the founder of Athletic Gaines. He has trained professional athletes including Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Butler, Lesean McCoy, Reggie Bush and Paul Millsap. Gaines also serves as a training expert for Nike, Eastbay, Yahoo! Sports, USA Today and the NFL Network. Read more

  • Jennifer Forrester

    Forrester is an expert whose competitive spirit and passion for movement are paired with her commitment to helping others. Her childhood experiences ranged from swimming to soccer, basketball, and running. She competed as a collegiate sprinter at the University of Washington. Jennifer’s greatest strength has been developed into helping others gain a new perspective and acknowledging that they are on a fitness journey uniquely their own. Read more

  • Curtis Williams

    Curtis Williams, Owner of Training C.A.M.P. Performance Center is a premier sports performance coach in New York City and nationwide. He was an active player in the NFL from 2005-2007, playing for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, New York Jets. Curtis currently works with a wide range of athletes as well as clientele simply looking to improve their health and fitness. Coach Williams has over 10 years in the sports performance field to add to his resume as an NFL athlete and the first Director of Strength & Conditioning at New York University. Read more

  • Shauna Harrison

    Harrison is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. A graduate of Stanford, UCLA and Johns Hopkins, she simultaneously pursued academics and fitness after finishing her PhD in Public Health. She teaches classes across the Bay Area that fuse her varied background and love for hip hop. She also writes for various outlets, partners with many brands and runs an Instagram challenge she created called #SWEATADAY. Read more

  • Jeff Johnson

    Johnson began his career as a assistant receiver at Western Oregon. He was very instrumental in launching the career of Kevin Boss into the NFL. Since then he's trained 10 NFL Pro Bowls as well as multiple division 1 college recruits. Coach Johnson has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in Position Specific and Performance Training for football. Read more

  • Paul Fabritz

    Paul Fabritz, owner of PJF Performance, is internationally known as a leading performance trainer. Fabritz specializes in elite level basketball and works with NBA superstars, D1 athletes and Pre-Draft candidates at PJF High Performance Centers in Orange County, CA. In addition to training, Fabritz is recognized for his work as a vertical jump/explosiveness researcher utilizing force plate and motion tracking technologies. Read more