Pro Performance Sports, LLC (“SKLZ”) values and enforces it intellectual property rights. This includes enforcing and/or licensing its patents as needed. The following SKLZ products are protected by patents in the United States and in other jurisdictions of the world. This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a). The following list of products may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. Additional patents covering these products may also be pending in the United States and/or in foreign jurisdictions. Any questions about this list, or SKLZ intellectual property in general, should be directed to

Last Updated: March 16, 2018


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
6X Hurdles D750,719
Acceleration Trainer Patent Pending
AccuStick® D698,936
Agility Trainer Pro Patent Pending
Cold Roller Ball D806,889
Core Wheels D527,775
Elevation Ladder 9,039,575
Hybrid Kettle Bell Patent Pending
Hydro-Roller D806,477
Massage Bar;
Travel Massage Bar
Massage Roller D702,362
Med Ball D774,150
Quick Change Flex Handles;
Quick Change Triple Handle;
Pro Single QC Handle
Quick Ladder Pro 9,675,830
Court Slidez
9,579,533; D827060
Speed Hurdle Pro 9,333,440
SpeedSac 8,109,863; 9,498,669
Targeted Hand Massager Patent Pending
Trigger Strap D822,221


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
Goal Shot® 7,811,184; 8,079,923; 8,858,370; 9,433,841
Pro Training Agility Cones D736,328; D749,684; D776,770
Pro Training Goals (multiple sizes);
Pro Training Futsal Goal
Quickster® Soccer Trainer 9,480,894
Quickster® Soccer Goals (multiple sizes) 8,246,496; 8,579,737; 9,162,127; 9,999,816
Quickster® Futsal Goal 8,246,496; 8,579,737; 9,162,127; 9,999,816
Star-Kick® AU764973; CA 2331062; EP1076587; MX227639


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
360° Tee 7,204,769
Field Shield D570,054
Fielding Trainer D805,591
Hit-A-Way® Baseball;
Hit-A-Way® Softball
6,716,119; 6,976,926
Hit-A-Way® PTS;
Hit-A-Way® Jr.
6,296,582; 6,514,161
Hurricane Category 4 6,458,037
Impact Baseballs D741,422; D748,747
Mini Impact Balls D741,423
Pitch Trainer;
Throw Trainer
Pro Tee 9,827,475
Quickster® 5x5 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® 7x7 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® Vault Net 8x8 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Spring Tee 9,050,516
Target Swing Trainer 6,786,841
Travel Tee DLX 8,597,143
Youth Pop Back Tee 8,109,844
Zip-N-Hit 6,042,491


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
D-Man® Pro;
6,866,595; 7,198,580; D503,003; D550,313; D565,135; D579,504; D591,369
Dribble Stick® 8,647,220
Square Up D665,041


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
Great Catch 7,544,138
QB Trainer Pro 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® 4-in-1 FB Trainer P8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickste® QB Trainer 7x7 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® Sideline Net Pro 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Stronghold Football 9,687,710
Universal Kicking Tee 8,517,864; 8,602,918; 9,011,276; D703,281


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
SKLZ Accelerator Pro® D760,337
Glide Pad® 9,089,755
Grip Trainer D761,368
Impact Golf Balls D741,423
Power Position Swing Trainer D647,586
Dual Net 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® Range Net 6x6 8,246,496; 9,162,127
Quickster® Range Net 8x8 8,246,496; 9,162,127


Product U.S. Patent Number(s)
Pro Mini Hoop®;
Pro Mini Hoo® XL;
Pro Mini Hoop® Micro;
Pro Mini Hoop® Midnight;
Pro Mini Hoop® System
8,371,965; D608,848; D647,983
Sport-Brella® XL
7,793,674; 7,918,236; 8,104,494; D623,844; D627,552; D627,553; D627,554; D627,555; D627,961; D664,760
Sport-Brella® Chair Blue 8,091,962; 8,231,172; 8,419,125; D625,169
Sport-Brella® Recliner 8,899,673
Versa-Brella XL;
Sport-Brella® Chair Aqua
D625,507; D625,509; D627,148 D646,886