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Golf Staff Program


    Teaching Tool Package

    SKLZ teaching aids help you and your students identify their swing flaws and integrate proper mechanics. Choose from the SKLZ Golf Bag, or SKLZ Equipment Roller Bag to transport your gear to the course.



    Gold Flex - Improve your swing while providing a core muscle workout
    Gold Flex 40 - 40" ideal for most ladies and juniors
    Refiner Pro Graphite Driver - The only graphite hinged training club
    Power Sleeve - Loosen up before your round, build golf muscles, strength and flexibility
    Accelerator Pro - Practice three key putt lengths with perfect strokes on a high quality true-roll putting surface
    Ball-First Trainer - Perfect your swing accuracy, consistency and power
    Gyroswing CE - Improve your golf swing be feeling the correct swing plane and release
    Power Position - Monitors swing plane and grip for greater distance and increased accuracy.
    Practice Pod Pro - Aids in body position, orientation and direction of your golf swing
    Pro Rods - Creates a consistent alignment routine during pre-swing setup
    ProStance - Develops improved balance throughout the entire swing
    Slice Eliminator - Swing path trainer
    Smart Glove - Ensure better wrist and grip position
    Smash Bag - Helps cure slices and improves overall accuracy
    21i Putting Mirror - Improve your putting accuracy and consistency
    Perfect Plane - Correct your putting plane and develop the proper arc
    Putt Pocket - Forces you to hit to the high side of the hole

    Golf Fitness Package

    Better athletes make better players. Incorporate golf fitness into your instruction. The tools below are part of the Golf Fitness Package and are easily brought to the greens in a convenient roller bag. Available to certified golf instructors only.



    Balanz Board - Challenge your balance and overall coordination
    Single Grip Handles (2) and Training Cables - Work out anywhere, anytime
    Recoil 360 - Maximize motions that are specific to your sport with resistance and assistance training
    Mini Bands - Increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body
    AccuRoller - Applies pressure to localized pain, rolls out fatigued muscles and aids in stretching
    TRAINERball Golf - Optimize your stability and core rotation
    TRAINERroller - Relieve soreness, improve circulation and increase muscle elasticity
    TRAINERmat Golf - Improve muscle strength and elasticity for developing speed, agility and explosiveness
    TRAINERmed Ball (2) - 10 lb. and 6 lb. balls to improve full body strength and rotational power
    SKLZ Roller Duffel - Your entire fitness set, now, mobile

    With the purchase of either SKLZ Staff Bag Package, you will receive free membership to the SKLZ Affiliate Program

    *Shipping and handling not included. Shipments are FOB Carlsbad. Credit card or cash orders are accepted.

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