Fundamental Hitting Tee



Fundamental Hitting Tee



  • A training-grade, innovative batting tee that features a 3-hole design to teach and reinforce hitting in the proper contact points.

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Unlike traditional 5-position batting tees that reinforce improper hitting mechanics, the V-Tee features an innovative 3-hole design that teaches hitters the proper locations solid ball contact is made throughout the strike zone. With a rugged, 14 lb design and reinforced tee shaft and hole placements, this tee can withstand pro-level power.

  • Unique 3-hole design teaches and reinforces proper contact points
  • Rotate the tee to train in multiple hitting areas and pitch scenarios
  • Rugged, 14lb design with reinforced tee shaft and hole placements withstands pro-level power
  • Features a 4-piece tee shaft for added flexibility and durability
  • Replaceable tee top for seasons of use
  • Take the average out of batting

    The V-Tee’s innovative 3-hole design was created by professional hitting coaches to teach players proper ball contact throughout the strike zone. Simply rotate the V-Tee over the plate to train in multiple hitting areas, pitching scenarios.

  • Versatile, like a good hitter should be

    Weighing in at a hefty 14 lb, the V-Tee features training-grade construction that can stand up to the biggest hitters and fastest bat speeds—for multiple seasons. At the same time, its 4-piece tee shaft makes it more durable while its replaceable tee top means it’ll be around for seasons.

  • Better mechanics included

    The V-Tee comes with advanced training drills created by some of the game’s leading hitting coaches, to help hitters improve their swing mechanics, ball contact and confidence at the plate.

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