Stance Trainer

Elevated Foot Alignment Mat


Stance Trainer

Elevated Foot Alignment Mat

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  • The Stance Trainer guides proper stance and alignment on every shot and brings your feet level with the ball while hitting off most mats.

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Stance Trainer

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No more ball-above-the-feet, sidehill lies hitting off training mats. The Stance Trainer raises your feet level with the ball. Markings reinforce consistency with proper alignment and ball placement. It also adjusts for every club and every shot – from drive to chip – for complete, efficient and effective training.

  • Elevates stance to be level with hitting mat
  • Guides for feet and ball foster proper alignment and ball position
  • Work through every stance and every club, with completely adjustable pads
  • Makes a home practice range more realistic and effective
  • Lightweight and portable with non-slip rubber surface for stability
  • No more uneven training

    The Stance Trainer is an essential golf training tool. Until now, hitting off training mats created a ball-above-the-feet sidehill lie. The Stance Trainer elevates the feet to an even plane with the ball. So, you get proper training and practice hitting off a mat..

  • Marked for improvement

    Proper set up is a key component to any golf swing. The Stance Trainer features guide marks for proper stance alignment along with specific markings for ball placement. So you can train from the same spots every single session, creating a steady, consistent swing.

  • It adjusts so you don’t have to

    If you’re changing your swing to match your training environment, you could be creating bad habits. The Stance Trainer adjusts for every stance, every club and every shot – from drive to chip. So you can get complete, efficient, and effective training every single time.

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