Set-up Trainer

Setup and Ball Position Trainer


Set-up Trainer

Setup and Ball Position Trainer



  • Master your fundamentals with this portable, easy-to-use training tool. The Set-Up Trainer consistently reinforces proper address position for solid ball striking.

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Set-up Trainer

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Solid ball striking and pro-like accuracy starts with a proper setup. Designed to consistently reinforce proper address position for solid ball striking, the Set-Up Trainer helps you get more power, distance and precision out of every club. Its unique design folds up for easy portability and stores in your golf bag.

  • Builds and reinforces the fundamentals for proper setup alignment and ball position
  • Helps eliminate bad habits and enables more rewarding practices
  • Brings levels of shot-shaping to your game
  • Portable, easy to use and stores in your bag
  • In the Right Position Again and Again

    The Set-Up Trainer guides you through the proper positioning from driver all the way to your lob wedge. It’s that proper positioning of your club, feet and body that allows you to hit pure golf shots.

  • Reinforcement Has Arrived

    With its unique design, the Set-Up Trainer continually reinforces a proper setup, address and positioning, helping you build the muscle memory needed for more pure, consistent ball striking.

  • Take a Teaching Pro with You

    Designed to fold up and fit in your bag, the Set-Up Trainer is as key to your game as your favorite club. Use it at the range and hitting into nets at home to dial in the proper address position and lower your handicap.

Ready for Eighteen - Tony Finau trains with SKLZ Set-Up Trainer

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