Balance Pad

Balance, Strength and Stability Trainer


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Balance Pad

Balance, Strength and Stability Trainer



  • Adds destabilized exercises to your training to help build your core strength, increase your overall balance and optimize leg and ankle rehabilitation sessions.

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Balance Pad

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Add the power of destabilization to your training to increase your core strength and build balance. The Balance Pad forces your body to react by activating foot, ankles and lower leg muscles, helping build the strength and stability key in athletic performance, balanced movement and injury rehab.

  • Destabilizing properties enhance balance and core strength training
  • Perfect for seated or standing movements as well as rehabilitative exercises
  • Textured, slip-resistant surface
  • Easy to clean, water-resistant
  • Pad measures 18.25” x 15.5”
  • Instability to build on

    One of the most efficient ways to build balance and foot, ankle and leg muscles is to add destabilization to your training. Designed to do just that, the Balance Pad helps build and increase the muscle memory involved in balance, coordination and quick reaction.

  • Stand, sit, or recover

    Designed for use while standing, sitting or using to rehabilitate foot, ankle or leg injuries, the Balance Pad is a key tool for any athlete who relies on core strength, balance and coordination in his or her sport.

  • Lightweight and easy to clean

    The highly compressed, smooth moulded skin guarantees durability. Specialty closed-cell foam enables the Balance Pad to retain good cushioning characteristics. It is impervious to water and extremely easy to wash and keep clean. It is non-slip and won't cause chafing or rub against the skin.

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