Training Rope Pro

Strength and Endurance Trainer


Training Rope Pro

Strength and Endurance Trainer



  • Put a better battling rope in your hands. The 40’ Training Rope Pro is designed to provide the feedback waves that develop strength, power and endurance.

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Training Rope Pro

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The 40' Training Rope Pro brings new levels of performance to your workout. Built to provide feedback waves key in developing new levels of strength, power and endurance, the rope helps you build each side of your body equally.

  • Builds strength, power, endurance, balance and muscle control
  • Comes in 40’ for optimal performance
  • Sheathed for ultra durability
  • Rugged handles prevent fraying and protect hands
  • Designed to establish feedback of correct wave patterns
  • 40-foot waves

    The Training Rope Pro comes in a 40-foot length. This is the ideal length for the rope feedback needed for effective training and establishing correct wave patterns.

  • This rope’s got it covered

    The Training Rope Pro is sheathed for added durability and performance. Rugged, coated handles prevent fraying and help protect your hands.

  • High intensity training rope

    The heavy rope with some heavy advantages. Designed to provide instant feedback, the Training Rope Pro helps you build strength, power, endurance, balance and muscle control. When it comes to being ready for your sport, it’s hard to beat how this rope prepares you.

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