Trainer Roller

Self-Guided Foam Roller


Trainer Roller

Self-Guided Foam Roller



Trainer Roller

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Designed with the muscle maintenance process used by some of the world’s leading athletes, the Trainer Roller illustrates movements and provides clear, easy-to-follow visuals that highlight the muscles being targeted. With commercial-grade foam to reach deep tissues, it’s a roller and sports massage therapist—all in one.

  • Named movements illustrated directly on the roller
  • Clear visuals highlight muscles to release for maximum results
  • Includes 12 unique, EXOS-proven movements
  • Layer movements together for a full-body recovery
  • Commercial-grade 20” foam reaches the deepest tissues
  • Product Dimensions: 6.25" x 6.25" x 20.25"
  • Making muscle maintenance more convenient

    The Trainer Roller not only names the movements you need for more efficient muscle maintenance, it features clear, easy-to-follow demos on how to do the movements correctly. Use it to reduce aches, pains and recovery times while increasing flexibility, circulation and overall muscle performance.

  • Look at these muscles

    With clear graphics showing you the muscles to target and release, the Trainer Roller includes the reps and times you need to maximize your muscles’ performance. Designed for full-body massage and workouts, it’s a must-have for reducing recovery time.

  • Works together, stronger

    Layer the Trainer Roller’s moves together for a complete, muscle-maintenance routine to increase flexibility, circulation and performance while helping decrease the likelihood of injury.

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