Trigger Strap


Trigger Strap

  • Provides hands-free, pressure-perfect trigger release to help relieve tight muscles, reduce chances of injury and recover more quickly—all by using your body as leverage.

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Trigger Strap

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The Trigger Strap takes the floor, walls and uncomfortable positions out of trigger point release. It’s highly effective in keeping tissues more elastic and healthy for increased mobility and decreased recovery time. And with its innovative design, the Trigger Strap lets you control the intensity of your release while reaching any point on your body.

  • Innovative, hands-free trigger point release tool
  • Long strap for manual leverage on all body parts
  • Specially molded, non-slip knob for more targeted, efficient release
  • Balanced base equalizes tension and lets you control the intensity
  • Releases your hands, too

    With its revolutionary design, the Trigger Strap provides the targeted trigger point release you need for superior muscle warm-up and recovery—all without having to use your hands or weight against a wall, floor or other structure.

  • Warm-up and recovery are everywhere

    The Trigger Strap fits easily in your game bag and can be used before, during and after practices, games and training sessions. It’s so convenient you can even use it while watching TV, during travel or even at your office desk. Better yet, it’s designed to let you control the intensity of your release across every point in your body.

  • Athlete-inspired knob

    The Trigger Strap’s knob was designed with the input from hundreds of athletes and proven to be the perfect size for effective trigger release. The knob is also coated with a gripping material for greater efficiency. When it comes to self-massage and muscle maintenance, this point rises above all others.

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