Product Spotlight: Shotloc


Shotloc Basketball Shooting TrainerNew to the SKLZ line of basketball training tools, the Shotloc offers a way for basketball players to fix common, fundamental errors in their shot. Wearing the Shotloc allows players to feel the right placement and release and then repeat that feeling come game time.

While the product is simple, there's a lot more to it than just wear it and shoot. Which is why Category Manager Scott Strohman digs into the details in the following Q & A.

Q: What fundamental basketball concept does the Shotloc help with?  

A: Often times, players struggling with the consistency of their shot are exhibiting one or more of the following mechanical issues: 1- there is no separation between their palm and the ball, 2 - their fingers are too close together, and/or 3 - the ball rolls off the wrong fingers on the release (it rolls off the ring/pinky or thumb). The Shotloc helps fix these mechanics for the proper grip and form. It forces the player to create space between the ball and palm of their shooting hand. It forces them to spread their fingers for better ball stability. And, it promotes the proper follow-through off the middle and index finger. 

Q: How do you know you need to use the Shotloc?

A: The things you'll notice about your shot that will indicate a mechanical issue, and thus the need for Shotloc, include a flat shot, if the ball is coming off the side of your hand, or if it has a poor rotation.

Q: How can coaches incorporate the Shotloc into a team practice? 

A: It can be incorporated into a majority of shooting drills, especially form shooting drills. Depending on the age and size of the athletes, I would recommend having 3 each of 2 different sizes on hand in order to outfit everyone practicing.

Q: Can you dribble with the Shotloc on?

Dribbling with the Shotloc isn't going to create any bad habits, so if you're comfortable using it in your training for the purpose of having it there when you shoot, of course. However, it is primarily a shooting aid, best worn during shooting drills.

Q: How often should you use the Shotloc? 

A: It should be used daily. Since a player should be shooting daily, the Shotloc can be incorporated at every session. At a minimum, I would recommend starting your workout with form shooting with the Shotloc. Get your mechanics right before moving on to other drills.

Q: What other tools go well with the Shotloc?

A: The Shooting Target complements the Shotloc perfectly because once your mechanics are established, you can start focusing on accuracy and the Shooting Target gives you the visual cue to aim for the center of the hoop.

The Rapid Fire II goes with all home training products because it increases the efficiency of your practice. 

Finally, the D-Man will make your shooting practice more game-like.

See the Shotloc in action:

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