Introducing the Ammo Bat System


What is Under Load/Overload Training?

Under load/overload training is a scientific method that builds muscle strength and speed. The system at its core is simple: train with up to 20% over your normal bat weight to build strength and 20% under to build speed. In the game of baseball, this combination can help batters hit the ball farther.

 Under Load Training = Build Speed

By decreasing the weight of your normal game day bat and teaching your body to move quicker with a lighter bat, players can increase swing speed. Players will be training to activate muscles more quickly and when given their game day bat will be more explosive.

Overload Training = Build Strength

By adding weight to your normal game day bat, players can increase overall strength in their swinging muscles. The key to this is making sure the bat is still balanced with the additional weight.

Under Load + Overload Training = Hitting Farther

Overload training will give you the strength to hit the ball harder and farther, but ignoring the under load portion of training will leave your swing slow and sluggish. Overload training must be accompanied by an equal amount of under load training to achieve maximum strength and speed to hit the ball further. This system offers a balance of both.

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