The Role of Recovery in Your Training Program


Warm-up. Train. Recover.  These are the three requirements of a successful training session that will help you prepare your body to perform and reduce the likelihood of injury so you are ready for your sport.

We've covered the importance of a well-designed warm-up and the components of training. Ensure you get the full benefit of your training session with a proper recovery. It's just as important as the rest of the work you do to get better at your sport.

To put the concept of recovery into perspective, think about this: when are you more prepared to train--before or after your training session?

Before. And the reason is simple. You’re ready for it. Your body is fresh and your mind is focused.

After a solid training session, your tissues and muscles are broken down. You can help to accelerate the recovery process and return your soft tissue and muscles to a healthy, flexible state with a short dose of muscle maintenance (also known as self-myofascial release).

SKLZ has several recovery products that include drills to accelerate the recovery process.

SKLZ Massage BarA favorite is the Massage Bar. This durable hand-held roller provides user-controlled compression over large muscle groups. Its easy-to-use grip handles let you roll through tightness and it has a textured surface to help release and move hydration into the soft-tissue cells to restore flexibility.

This is important to keep the tissues that envelop muscles (myofascia) and the connective tissue healthy and mobile. If this tissue gets sticky, it will prevent you from moving well and can result in injury.

When you adopt a training routine complete with recovery, you're doing 2 great things for yourself:

1 - ensuring your longevity in sport.

2 - helping your body get back to 100% more quickly so you feel better and you're ready for the next practice or game.

Watch a sample recovery session with SKLZ Team Captain Evan Longoria: