Warming up is Essential to Your Athletic Success


Warm-up. Train. Recover.  These are the three requirements of a successful training session that will help you prepare your body to perform and reduce the likelihood of injury so you are ready for your sport.

Warm Up

Warming up is one of the most important things you can do for your body because it prepares you for movement, for a training session, or for competition. It's how you prepare your muscles, tissues and tendons for what you're about to do.

When you're asking your body to go all out 100% of the time, your muscles, tissues and tendons need to be pliable and ready to react. Without a proper warmup, your muscles will be stiff, rigid and tight, which reduces your ability to perform and puts you at higher risk for injury.

A complete warmup includes both Pillar Prep and Movement Prep

When we refer to the pillar, we are referring to the torso, hip and shoulder complex. Pillar prep starts with soft tissue massage, and then moves through mobility for range of motion and finally, stability.

When we refer to movement prep, we are referring to glute activation, dynamic stretching, movement integration, and neural activation. In its purest form, movement prep prepares the body for movement in anticipation of the demands you are about to place on it. Remember, knowing the goals of your training session ahead of time determines what you will do for your warmup.

Recommended for your warmup

During Pillar Prep, one of the tools we recommend using for soft tissue is the Massage Bar. Because of the ergonomic handles and rod and ball-bearing system, you are able to put as much pressure on your muscles as you can tolerate, effectively manipulating and preparing your soft tissue or muscles.

The following sample movements are part of movement prep

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