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Becoming a threat on the basketball court requires many skills, though none are more important than an accurate shot. And second is your ability to recover missed shots.

You can work on both of these aspects of your game with the Double Double, which was recently re-launched with features that will help you get the most out of your training time. Category Manager Scott Strohman gets into the details in our Q & A all about the Double Double.

Q: How does the narrower rim improve a player's shot?  Double double shooting arc trainer

A: Developing a shot with the proper arc is arguably the most important thing any shooter can do, at any level. The narrower rim forces players to shoot with the proper arcA flat shot will likely prevent players from shooting a high percentage. This is especially true when training with the Double Double shooting rim.

Q: When do you know an athlete is ready to train with the narrower rim?

A: A player is ready for the narrower rim when he or she is able to take shots on a 10’ basket, making a 50% average.

Q: Why did you name it the Double Double?

A: It has two key uses: 1 - narrowing the rim to improve shooting accuracy, and 2 - blocking the ball from going through the basket to create missed shots for rebounding drills. And so, in thinking of a basketball term, Double Double was a natural fit--if a player scores 10+ points and has 10+ rebounds, it’s referred to as a double double.

Q: What kind of improvements did you make to this edition of the 2-in-1 shooting and rebounding trainer?  

A: We really thought about everything with this edition. It's now smaller and lighter, so it'sDouble Double 2-in-1 shooting and rebound trainer easier to transport and store. The rim attachment remains flush at the same height as the actual rim (10 feet). We added a piece at the back of the rim that prevents ball from getting stuck. And most importantly, there is improved functionality and usability, largely due to materials--by making the shooting rim (black portion) and rejector (yellow portion) steel there is a truer bounce, like what you’d receive off a standard rim, making your training more game-like.

Q: What kind of drills can you do with the rebounder attachment?  

A: Box out drills are the best drills to practice with the rebounder. In standard box out drills, a coach shoots while two players fight for rebound position. To make it more competitive, first player to a certain number of rebounds wins.

Q: How often should you use the shooting rim?  

A: When doing your form shooting drills, the shooting rim should be used daily. This will help you with accuracy and precision. With standard shooting drills, the shooting rim should be used once or twice a week and should be accompanied by practice on a regular size rim the other days of the week.

Q: How often should you use the rejector?

A: The ideal setting for practicing rebounds is in a training or team environment. A coach should use it about twice a week or as they feel it's necessary. If their team is struggling to rebound they should use it more frequently.

Q: What tools go well with the Double Double?

A: The Rapid Fire II goes perfectly with the shooting rim. With a higher chance of missing due to the smaller rim, the Rapid Fire II will collect your rebound and get it back to you so you can get shots up more quickly.

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