4 Drills to Refine Your Basketball Shooting Skills


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DoubleDoubleRim_lifestyle_Hero2_FAs a basketball player it’s easy to get into bad shooting habits when mimicking a Lebron James 25ft fade-away, Kobe Bryant double pump jump shot, or a 40’ bomb from Stephen Curry. Unless you have the same strength as they do you’re bound to develop bad habits when taking those types of shots. Young athletes should model their game after these extremely talented players, but what makes these players successful is their focus on the fundamentals of shooting. Use the drills below to build your muscle memory and keep your skills sharp throughout the season.

Sitting and Laying Form Shooting



1-The shooter should isolate his/her body by sitting in a chair or lying on their back.

2-Using only his/her strong hand, the shooter should hold the ball in a shooting position with the elbow in, making sure the ball is balanced, and off the palm of the hand.

3-The shooter should shoot the ball straight up in the air, concentrating on following through.

4-The shooter should continue the drill for 5 minute or until comfortable.

5-Once complete, repeat steps 2-4 with using his/her guide hand.

Training Tips:

SquareUp_Act- 1SquareUp_Act-2

Focus on keeping your elbow in and not bending your elbow past 90 degrees prior to release. When shooting the ball concentrate on your follow-through by locking your elbow and snapping your wrist. The ball should rotate directly back to you and land in the same position the ball was released. 

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Form Shooting



1-Stand 2 feet in front of the hoop

2-Using only your dominant hand, hold the ball in a shooting position with your elbow in (photo 1), making sure the ball is balanced and aligned with your dominant side leg (2 photo).

3-Focus on your target, bending at the knees and in one fluid motion extend your legs and shoot the ball (3 photo).

4- Repeat steps at all 3 locations.  ShootingTarget_100drill

Training Tips:

Make 50 shots; advanced players should only count shots that hit only the net.

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100 Shot Drill



1-Mark 10 shooting positions on the court as illustrated.

2- Start the drill by taking a shot at position 1A

3-Make or miss retrieve the ball and immediately move to position 1B. Take a shot and move back to position 1A.

4-Continue alternating shots between 1A and 1B until you have taken 10 shots on each side for a total of 20 shot. Do this as quickly as possible while staying under control.

5-Move to position 2A and repeat the above sequence at each numbered position. At the end of the drill, you should have taken a total of 100 shots, 10 at each position.

Training Tips:

Shooter should focus on getting his/her feet set; squaring to the basket and concentrating on the target. Track your makes and misses, set a goal for yourself to improve on that number each time you do this drill.

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Compete Against Yourself


1-Pick two to three spots on the floor where you will receive shots in the game.

2-Begin by taking a shot at the first spot then rotate to the next.

3-Compete against yourself by giving yourself 1 point for each make and 2 points scored against you for each miss. For example, if you make two shots and miss 1 the score would be 2 to 2.

4-First to 10 points wins.

Training Tips:

Compete to win. Allow your muscle memory to take over here. Focusing on making each shot just as you would in a game, not worried a your form.

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