Fresh Skill Drills for your Basketball Practice


Drill 1: Face-to-Face Two Dribble Setup to Crossover with Dribble Stick

Setup: Place rods at knee height on opposite sides of the Dribble Stick with on player on each side. For 45 second intervals have each player perform 2-dribble setup to crossover underneath the rods while keeping their head up.

Drill 2: Partner Double Crossover with Dribble Stick

Setup: Set up 2 Dribble Sticks 20 feet apart with a player positioned behind each one. Place a rod at knee height on each Stick. 


  1. At the same time, both players perform a double crossover on the Dribble Stick
  2. Dribble toward the center and perform another double crossover as they meet
  3. Perform 1 last double crossover on the opposite Dribble Stick
  4. Repeat

Coaching Tip: Make sure players stay low on the double crossover and keep their eyes up to see the floor. Run the drill in both directions.

Drill 3: Jump Shot and Crossover with D-Man

Setup: Place the D-Man in the desired location on the floor. Players can choose whether to A) dribble between the legs to get around the D-Man, followed by a quick crossover to split the defense and finish with a pull up jump shot, or to B) double between the legs and pull up jump shot over the D-Man.

Coaching Tip: Make sure each player's feet are set and balanced before they attempt the pull up jump shot.

Drill 4: 2-Ball Alternating Dribble & Planks with 2 Foot Lateral Hop

Setup: On one side of the Dribble Stick, position the rod at knee height. On the other side of the Dribble Stick, position the rod at ankle height. While one player performs the 2-ball alternating dribble, the other player performs the 2-foot lateral hop in plank position.

Coaching Tip: When players are in plank position, make sure they keep their core engaged and their back flat.

Drill 5: D-Man Mania

Setup: Place 2 D-Men at the top of the key 6 feet apart and 1 D-Man at each elbow. Place cones centered in front of each pair.


  1. In-and-out crossover around cone 1
  2. Quick behind-the-back around the first D-Man
  3. Quick crossover around cone 2
  4. Pull up and shoot over second D-Man

Coaching Tip: Keep your head up and stay low and strong with your dribble. Players should change direction at each obstacle.

Drill 6: Double Crossover to Lateral Shuffle with Dribble Stick

Setup: Place 2 rods at knee height at a 90 degree angle.


  1. Perform double crossover on either rod
  2. Shuffle laterally to other rod
  3. Perform another double crossover
  4. Repeat

Coaching Tip: Stay in a low stance throughout the entire drill and keep a low dribble with head up the entire time.