World Cup Finalists Germany and Argentina Compete with Different Strategies


It is an amazing concept to have countries from all over the world playing the same sport, and competing against each other on one stage. Anyone who watched the Brazil 2014 World Cup knows that although the rules and regulations are the same, each country plays very differently. Each country has their own techniques and playing styles that differentiates them. For example, World Cup finalists Argentina and Germany, are both amazing teams that play with significantly different playing styles.

World Cup Champion Germany strives to be elite. Given their recent victory to be named the best team in the world, they have achieved just that. Germany’s national team doesn’t do anything without a precise plan; their playing style is very structured and organized. They are often defense focused, extremely aggressive, and incredibly fast while constantly keeping track of the other players to ensure they don't leave open any opportunities.

Argentina exudes confidence, and their playing style mimics that. They put a lot of reliance in their natural ability and performance instincts, leading to a more free-flowing, unstructured playing style. They generally lean their efforts towards offensive performance and focus on ball control and possession to outclass their opponents.

While both Argentina and Germany generally represent their regions' strategies well, the current World Cup squads actually exchanged roles. Argentina focused heavily on defense and using their highly skilled offensive playmakers to score on counterattacks, rather than lead the game. Germany relied on their solid defense as usual but gave much more attention to mounting a consistent attack that never relented.

With such opposing playing styles and so many superstars, it is no wonder that the World Cup Final was the game to watch and delivered a thrilling encounter between two of the world's most exciting teams.

Find the Form of World Cup Golden Ball Winner, Lionel Messi 

The Golden Ball winner of the 2014 tournament, Lionel Messi of Argentina, has been the player to watch. His unmatched speed and agility paired with his remarkable ball handling skills are just some of the reasons that Leo is commonly considered the best soccer player in the world. His form is founded on quick moving feet without compromising precision and his dedication to training brings him above and beyond all the rest. The performance-focused SKLZ soccer training equipment was created to help athletes develop their skills and emulate the greatest in the world.

Although Germany won, Argentina created the world’s best player. There are clearly merits to both playing styles. Which one is the best? That is up to you, but put the time in to train and you can reach your peak performance.

Preview image credit to AP Photo.