Jamie LynnDavis


Knee Tuck + Plank Jack

palnk 1_jenifer forrester

  1. Place the Slidez under your feet and extend your legs out into plank position. *Be sure to pull your core in tight.
  2. Drive both knees in towards your chest and return back to plank position.
  3. Slide legs apart, continue the movement, driving your knees into your chest.
  4. Repeat for total of 12 reps.

Reverse Lunge + Lateral Lunge

lateral lunc_jennifer 2

  1. Place 1 Slidez under your right foot, slide your foot behind you into a reverse lunge position. *Pay special attention to your front knee, making sure it does not go over your front toe.
  2. Return to the same position the, slide the same foot into a lateral lunge.
  3. Repeat this combination for a total of 12 reps.

Plank + Pike

plank pike_jennifer 3

  1. Start by interlocking the discs.
  2. Place the Slidez under your feet, in plank position with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. *Be sure to pull your belly button in.
  3. Drive the hips up and finish in plank position.
  4. Repeat for 12 reps.