Jamie LynnDavis

Hill_USDHead Coach, Rich Hill

Team: University of San Diego, Toreros

Experience: 27 Seasons at Collegiate Level

Highlights: 5 West Coast Conference Championships, 24 Winning Seasons as Collegiate Head Coach



SKLZ: What does your fall ball schedule look like?

Coach: We start on October 13th and go through Nov 22. We do not have any Fall games scheduled this spring.

SKLZ: What do off-season training and practice schedules look like?

Coach: We work out for a total of 8 hours a week; six hours dedicated to strength and conditioning and two hours for skill set work.

SKLZ: How is fall ball training / preparation different from in-season?

Coach: Fall ball is awesome because it's all skill set development. The drama of result oriented goals/attachments do not infiltrate the brain! In our program, the focus with pitchers is our incredible throwing program. Taken from various pro organizations along with arm care guru, Alan Jaeger and Ken Knutson, our pitchers develop at an amazing rate. Position guys have an attention to strength, speed and skill set developmentt during the fall.


SKLZ: What is your team’s favorite SKLZ product?

Coach: We love the weighted balls, speed chutes, and quick ladders for agility drills. The soft hand training paddles and mini impact balls are a daily part of practice.

SKLZ: What are your expectations for your players coming into a new season?

Coach: Expectations is a bad word in our culture. It creates anxiety and some fear. Standards is the word that is commonly used. Our standards are through the roof with regards to preparation, effort, and laser like focus to execute! That's why our partnership with SKLZ is so cool. Prepare, effort , and execute is a mantra throughout the organization and it shows in their products.

RBS_5307SKLZ: What advice do you give to new players joining your program on preparing to play at the collegiate level?

Coach: Be ready to rock! Time management is the toughest thing to overcome at the D1 level. Your body is going to be sore and your mind will be taxed. Push through it and don't quit!

SKLZ: What tangibles and intangibles do you look for in players when you’re recruiting?

Coach: Physically we look for fast arm, fast hands and bat speed, also fast feet! In other words, athleticism. I like “ball players”, guys who know how to play the game and are very "heady". You don't have to be big to be a great player (see Jose Altuve)!

SKLZ: What is your most memorable coaching moment?

Coach: In 1990 our Cal Lutheran squad won three games in one day to win the first ever District/ Conference Championship in school history. We turned a 1-6-3 DP to end it!