Tony Finau Prepares for Chambers Bay


The last four tournaments that SKLZ Team Captain Tony Finau has played in on the PGA Tour have resulted in two Top 20 finishes and two Top 10 finishes and nearly $500,000 in earnings for those events.

Tony begins the first round of the U.S. Open today at Chambers Bay. Every week on the PGA Tour Tony takes the days leading up to the first round very seriously while he prepares himself to be ready for competition.

We do this by using the SKLZ training equipment to monitor and ingrain the proper set up positions and swing technique that we are working on. The SKLZ training tools give us the feedback we need and makes our preparation more productive and efficient.

Tony uses the Putting Mirrors to help him with his aim, eye position, and path. After 5 minutes on the mirror, he hits some putts without the training tool. He goes back and forth until he feels he is getting the results he wants.

Tony uses the SKLZ Pro Rods to check his alignment and ball position.  We always want to make sure that we are practicing efficiently and being consistent with ball position and alignment which are huge keys that he monitors during the week.

Today when Tony Finau hears his name called on the first tee of the first major championship of his career, he will be nervous and excited I am sure. But through the efficient practice and training leading up to today, he will know that he has prepared to be ready and from that preparation, have the confidence he needs to compete with the best players in the world.