Train Like Alex Morgan with this Striker Workout


Train Like Alex Morgan - Striker WorkoutThis anaerobic striker-specific workout is perfect for players like Alex Morgan because each drill mimics her on-field movements while demanding explosiveness, challenging her fitness, and requiring a hard, accurate finish to the corners of the goal.

Since Alex's fitness is already great, we overloaded her with five sets of the drills and only one minute of rest between. The purpose is to keep her working while tired so that she can be the player in the 93rd minute to pop up, beat the defender and score the game winning goal. You can adjust your reps and rest times according to your fitness levels.

When training Alex, I make sure that her biomechanics are correct and we tweak technical nuances to make her more effective. It's important that when you're practicing these drills you're also getting the mechanics right.

Finally, as a benchmark, we try to get around 200 shots in per session throughout the course of the following drill set.

Fast feet finish

Striker Workout - Fast Feet Finish

You need a bag of 10 balls. Dribble through the first set of cones, explode to the second set, dribble through them, explode to the third set, dribble through, and then one last time with the fourth set before shooting far post. Repeat the same pattern, but shoot after the third set of cones. Repeat again, but shoot after the second set of cones. And one more time after the first set of cones.

Rest one minute. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Progressive first touch, power finish far post

Striker Workout - Power Finish Drill

A coach or partner holds the balls 20 yards away and either loft passes, drives or pure pings the ball into the player. As the ball is in flight, the coach shouts 'orange' or 'black.' The player has to take the ball with their first touch toward that color cone. Second touch has to be at an angle to set themselves up for a power shot to the far post.

Double shot

Striker Workout - Double Shot Drill

Start with the ball in a Messi Grid and dribble around the cones for 50 touches. Drive the ball toward the box, power shot to corner before the PK spot. As soon as the player takes a shot, the coach pings a second ball to their feet so they can calmly finish with one touch.

Repeat 3 times, 5 sets. One minute rest between sets.