How a Soccer Player Can Learn from Watching the #WorldCup


SKLZ Soccer Sport Board Member Warren BartonIf you're planning on binge-watching the World Cup, you may as well boost your game IQ at the same time. Here are some viewing tips from FOX Sports Analyst and SKLZ Sport Board Member Warren Barton.

"We get so caught up in just watching the ball wherever it is on the field. Instead, identify the position you play and look at the players playing that position. The best players in the world understand the movement off the ball. Think about Messi and how he gets into areas of the field that allow him to make plays. Or Iguayim who plays for Manchester City whose movement is excellent because he understands how to use the field to his advantage.

If you are a defender, look at who you are to cover. Midfield players, look at the timing of runs as you move forward.

Don't always look at the ball. That's where everybody's eyes are. Look at where the space is, the movement is, where you may be able to create a chance going forward, or anticipate where the ball might come.

  • Strikers – Watch how Alex Morgan navigates tight areas without the ball so she can be in a position to score.
  • Midfielders – Take note on how Megan Rapinoe times her run off the ball to get forward and create chances.
  • Defenders - Look at how Ali Krieger finds empty space on the field, fills that space to prevent the opposition from taking advantage, and finishes the play by clearing her lines."