SKLZ Teams Up with PHIT America to get P.E. Back in Schools


SKLZ and PHIT America are putting Kids in the GameSKLZ has teamed up with PHIT America and the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) to provide financial support to U.S. schools through Go! Grants that jumpstart physical activity in schools. These grants are being managed and implemented by PHIT America partner, KIDS in the GAME.

Together, we're working to get P.E. back in schools

“SKLZ prepares athletes to be ready for sports. In communities where physical activity can be limited because of limited financial resources, young people often miss out on the opportunity to even play sports,” says SKLZ President Brian Enge. “In order to provide more access to sports, we’ve signed on as a sponsor of PHIT America to develop healthier, more physically active kids and get them in the game.”

Did you know

  • 10 million children are totally sedentarySKLZ and PHIT America are fighting the obesity epidemic
  • 41.3% of sedentary children had no P.E. in school, which is 2.5 times as many as those who did have P.E.
  • Physical inactivity is the #1 health concern among parents
  • According to the World Health Organization, a $1 investment in physical activity leads to $3.20 in medical cost savings

There are many other benefits of playing sports beyond the health benefits

  • Sports can build character - social skills like teamwork, cooperation and leadership
  • Develops higher self esteem and body image
  • Ability to handle winning and losing while being a good sport
  • Sports help children develop discipline
  • Children learn to set goals & then work to achieve those goals
  • Statistics show that children who are involved in sports while in high school are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school
  • Develops basic motor skills needed in your day-to-day life

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