Speed & Power Part 1: Generating Speed through Core Rotation


Speed and power can be the great equalizer in golf

The ability to hit the long ball can be a huge advantage to a player. Length off the tee enables golfers to reach par 5s in two and hit shorter clubs into par 4s. It’s a lot easier to shoot low scores when you're hitting short irons and wedges into par 4s instead of mid irons.

SKLZ Golf Team captain, Tony Finau, is a prime example of how length off the tee can be beneficial. Tony is in his rookie year on the PGA Tour and currently ranks 4th in driving distance, averaging a whopping 308.5 yards per drive. He also ranks 2nd in clubhead speed with an average of just over 124mph. See him in action:

Sure, Tony is 6’ 4” tall and has very long arms emabling him to create a wide swing arc--which is one key factor in producing speed and power--but he also trains for it.

Tony and his swing instructor Boyd Summerhays work hard in their practice sessions to ensure Tony is generating speed through core rotation. They utilize the SKLZ Smash Bag to reinforce using his larger muscles to develop speed.

Watch this tip from Boyd on how to create speed through core rotation.