Batting Practice Gear for High School and College Players


Tee Work for College and High School Baseball PlayersAs hitters begin their journey into high school and beyond, it's tee work that will separate them from other hitters. As hitters become older, more time is spent in a game situation and less in practice, leading to limited time refining their hitting mechanics off the tee…unless they put in the extra work. This is also the time were hitters begin to understand plate coverage with the bat and where to make contact in relation to the pitch.

Hitters should be focusing on a personal tee work routine were they are driving the ball up the middle, hitting the outside pitch to opposite field, and connecting with the inside pitch in front of the plate to pull the ball.

Our recommendation for advanced hitters: 5-Position Tee or Travel Tee DLX with Power-Thru Ball (Power), Small Training Balls (increased visual acuity), Impact Balls (more swings, less ball pick up), and Bolt Balls (concentration).

A Comparison of Recommended Tees

As hitters begin to build a solid hitting routine, they will be focusing on hitting multiple pitches in on location of the plate. The 5-Position Tee allows the hitter to set the tee shaft in 5 positions over the plate and work on hitting continuously in a specific area till they become comfortable.

The Travel Tee DLX is the perfect tee for high school or tournament tee athletes who are on the move between games but want to put in the extra work to get results. The Travel Tee DLX has a rolled top for less friction with the barrel of the bat and more contact with the ball. The quick set up is perfect for the hitter who is working between games with a plan.

A Comparison of Recommended Balls

The Power-Thru Ball allows advanced hitters to learn to drive through the baseball or softball. Its larger size allows to hitters to see the target easily and the increased weight (17oz) provides resistance when hitting the ball, causing the hitter to activate the hips, core, and upper body muscles.

Small Training Balls force the hitter to increase their visual acuity and focus more on the ball while making contact. The various colors can be used as a concentration tool by having the hitter call out the color while the ball is in flight.

Impact Baseballs for Batting PracticeFor hitters who have limited space or time, Impact Baseballs provide multiple benefits. With their two tone color, the Impact Baseballs force the hitter to focus on the bright yellow portion of the ball and increase their concentration. The “indestructible” material provides more durability for more swings. The weight adds feel at contact. And the limited-flight design makes for easy retrieval.

Bolt Balls are a limited flight, small Styrofoam ball built for increased visual acuity. This forces advanced hitters to focus on a smaller object and increase concentration in order to make meaningful contact with the pitch.