Hitting Gear for the Little Leaguer


The most important concept for young hitters to grasp is the ability to make consistent, meaningful contact. Hitters will always be working towards this goal in the pursuit of becoming a more complete player.

Little League Tee RecommendationSo, what is the best way to build that skill? Tee work.

Tee work allows the player to concentrate on the mechanics of the swing without worrying about the flight path of a pitch. It promotes proper habits and helps a player build a comprehensive hitting routine.

To get your Little Leaguer started with tee work, we recommend the Pop Back Tee, Youth Tee or Spring Tee depending on his or her experience level, combined with Safety Balls.

A Comparison of Recommended Tees

The Pop-Back Tee is a tee built for youth hitters and it is meant to do what the name says: pop back. If the young hitter makes contact with the tee instead of the ball, it will pop back up, allowing more time for hitting and less time resetting the tee.

The Youth Tee is a beginner level tee for youth athletes who are already making consistent contact with the ball instead of making contact with the tee.

The Spring Tee is a heavier duty version of the Pop Back Tee. If a young hitter is more mature or has a stronger swing, the Spring Tee with its heavier base may be a better option.

Recommended Training Balls

Safety Balls are designed for youth athletes who are still learning the game. Built to tee ball specifications and with a rubber core, Safety Balls are perfect for the young hitter to learn how to make meaningful contact.