Your Strategy to Offset Declining Offensive Baseball Stats


Improve Offensive StatisticsWhat is BBCOR?

BBCOR (batted-ball coefficient of restitution) is the name given to the High School and NCAA composite bat standards instituted in 2011 to regulate the rebound rate of the ball coming off the bat. The rate must stay under certain requirements specified by NCAA.

How has it impacted offensive stats?

Offensive production is definitively down. Just Bat Reviews took a look at the numbers and determined the following:

Since 1975, the last 3 years of college baseball has seen the worst production in batting average (BA), runs scored per game, home runs per game (HR/G) and stolen bases per game (SB/G).

In a recent survey of 223 ABCA coaches throughout the US, we found the following:

  • 78% of coaches say BBCOR regulations have impacted their hitting statistics
  • 87% of coaches believe that hitting distance and exit velocity are important in improving their hitting statistics

What strategy can effectively offset declining offensive stats?

AMMO Bat System for Increased Swing VelocityWith the introduction of BBCOR, coaches and players have begun to looks for ways to get the “pop” back in the bat. At this point, the technology in the bats won’t allow players to rely on their equipment to make up for mistakes. They must become better hitters and athletes, which comes down to training differently.

With a proper programs in place, hitters must learn to increase bat speed to bring back the miles per hour lost to BBCOR. The Ammo Bat System with its 6-week training program has been clinically proven to give an additional 10mph of swing speed on average. The under load/overload system not only trains your muscles to be stronger (the two over loaded bats are 20% heavier that your game bat), but also quicker by training your nervous system to react more quickly (unloaded bat 20% lighter than game bat).

To compound the effects of a training program, a sound strength training regimen is also encouraged. [See how Evan Longoria prepares for Spring Training]