Cold Roller Ball: Targeted Massage + Ice Therapy = Faster Recovery


Stay Cool and on the Ball

cold_ball_rollermainsmallCold temperature plus deep massage ignites recovery and can help athletes recover faster. The Cold Roller Ball has insulating gel that stays cool enough to reduce inflammation without the discomfort and the mess of ice.

Don't Wait to be Sidelined

Post training, put the Cold Roller Ball to work. It glides smoothly over the skin and is designed to make adding intensity simple — increase the pressure while rolling. This helps to relax muscles which allows the cold to penetrate deep into aggravated tissue and results in temporary reduction of inflammation.

No Appointment Necessary

The Cold Roller Ball is portable and easy for athletes to take anywhere, anytime. It’s compact and light enough to pack for post-workout recovery. Part masseuse, part physical therapist -- it's a fundamental tool to aid recovery.