5 Tips to Maximize Batting Practice, All Season Long

Walt Nolen

Maximize Batting Practice1. Have a Plan 

To have the most effective round of batting practice, go in with a plan. What are you going to work on mechanically and mentally? This will give you a benchmark for whether or not you're improving on the things you set out to work on, and it will produce a better result.

2. Stay Consistent

Hit everyday! It’s been stated that proper preparation prevents poor performance. This is very true when dealing with the art of hitting. Make sure you are getting your reps in every day and learning your swing, so that when things aren’t going as planned in the batters box, you can make adjustments and get back to the swing you've practiced.

3. It is Mental

Having the right mindset when entering a round of BP is crucial for success and making proper adjustments. If you enter the cage thinking of other things rather than focusing on your round, you will not be able to effectively make adjustments or concentrate on the tasks at hand.

4. Right Tools for the Job

Make sure you are prepared for your round. When entering the cage, have your gloves on and the bat you need ready to go. Wasting cage time on equipment needs and adjustments slows down the process and takes your focus off of the true goal here, which is to see more pitches and get better.

5. Have Fun….but Work Hard

Nothing ever comes easy, especially in baseball. Putting in the time in the cage is the most crucial aspect of achieving your goals as a hitter and making progress. Each round should have a focus and should lead to an increase in understanding your mechanical process. That said, have fun and enjoy the game!