Speed Hurdle Pro Adds Versatility to Your Speed and Agility Training


New Speed Hurdle Pro by SKLZYour ability to lift your knees and make precise cuts through hurdles is integral to overall speed development, and doing plyometric drills on the hurdles is a great way to develop lower body strength and power.

Features for coaches and athletes

Whether you're jumping, hopping or bounding, the Speed Hurdle Pro is a perfect tool because of its adjustable height. With the touch of a button these hurdles slide from 12" to 9" to 6", allowing you the ability to do countless speed and power drills, all with 1 hurdle.

They come in a set of 6, so if you're doing 3-hurdle drills, which are very common for all sports, you can run multiple groups through at the same time, or lengthen the drill by putting 6 back-to-back.

The Speed Hurdle Pro was designed symmetrically so the athlete can go over the hurdle in both directions. It has a low profile, so if you land on it with a cleat or foot, you won't bruise your foot or roll your ankle. The rails and webbing are made from a soft, flexible material that collapses on contact  and bounces right back to its original position.

Time management is one of the most important factors for a coach and in true SKLZ fashion, the Speed Hurdle Pro sets up and breaks down with ease (see below video for setup/breakdown instruction). Six hurdles stack neatly together in a SKLZ carry bag.

Take a closer look at the Speed Hurdle Pro:

Sample sport-specific drills

Football skill drills: because of its varying heights, the Speed Hurdle Pro is ideal for Quarterbacks to help them with their footwork in their 3, 5 and 7 step drop-backs.

Baseball power development: players need to have good lower body power as theySpeed Hurdle Pro by SKLZ generate force through the ground with their core and transfer it to the ball or bat. On-field lower body power can be done with the Speed Hurdle Pro on the highest setting. Quickly jumping through the hurdles helps develop the muscles needed for power in hitting and throwing.

Soccer agility and change of direction: performing drills like the 3-hurdle to acceleration is a great way to improve multiple aspects of a soccer player's footwork: ground-strike, change of direction and acceleration.