Slidez: An All-in-One Solution for Core Stability


Core StabilitySKLZ Slidez - Core Stability Discs

Core stability is what absorbs and transfers force through the body when swinging a bat, kicking a soccer ball, throwing a football, reaching out to catch a fly ball, taking a hit, or quickly changing direction. Core stability links the upper and lower body together. It's a unifier. And that's why it is so fundamental to your athletic performance.

How Slidez Challenge Your Core Stability

Anytime you're outside your center of mass, your core has to engage. Slidez allow you to go outside your center of mass, and to slide back in. It is a true functional movement device which allows you to go through sport-specific motor patterns freely yet safely because you're sliding against a floor or a wall.

Effective. Versatile. Fundamental.

Core rotation for upper body mobility drills are more effective because you're in contact with the wall or floor. They're versatile because you can use them for strength and stability, flexibility and mobility, and anaerobic/conditioning-like exercises (when doing a mountain-climber drill for example). They're a fundamental tool in sports training within the EXOS facilities and other performance facilities world-wide.

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Sport-Specific Movement Examples

Soccer players will use them during lateral lunges, reverse lunges and drop lunges, safely sliding away and back toward their midline, or center of mass.

Baseball players use them to sequence upper and lower body in a pillar bridge position tying in the upper arm with the shoulder girdle to the core through the lower body.

Football players use them to strengthen hamstrings and glutes during glute bridges, and during dynamic movement. They can play with tempo by slowing down and speeding up, depending on the emphasis of the training session.

An All-in-One Solution

They're an all-in-one solution taking the place of socks on a wood floor, coasters on the carpet, towels on linoleum, however you did your at-home physical therapy/rehabilitation or warm-up drills in the past, now you have the Slidez.