Ammo Bat Pro®

Swing Velocity Training Program


Ammo Bat Pro®

Swing Velocity Training Program

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Ammo Bat Pro®

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Using an under load/overload training philosophy, this revolutionary system is a 6-week program that’s proven to increase swing velocity. This best-in-class system is also the only bat speed program designed for use during live batting practice. On average, hitters add 10+MPH to their swings using this program.

  • On average, hitters add 10+ MPH to their swings (60’ of hitting distance) using this system
  • System includes three bats — unloaded, head loaded, hand loaded — and instructional videos
  • Six-week, step-by-step program with results proven at the nation’s top baseball programs
  • Add up to 10 MPH of bat speed and 60’ of distance

    The Ammo Bat System uses proven 20% under load/overload training to increase bat speed. The system includes a head loaded, hand loaded and unloaded bat, all designed for use in live batting practice. On average, the system adds 10+ MPH of bat speed, which equals about 60’ of added hitting distance.

  • No hitters left behind

    The Ammo Bat System is used and trusted by some of today’s top collegiate baseball programs. This 6-week, step-by-step program includes three bats, plus an instructional DVD that clearly defines your path to increased bat speed..

  • Practice at a whole new speed

    Designed to fit directly into batting practices or any hitter’s training routine, the Ammo Bat System is adaptable to coach’s mechanical philosophy and specific hitting techniques. Crafty hitters, gap hitters and long ballers—there’s not a player out there who can’t increase bat velocity and power with this system.

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